Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A great start for the New Year

All the wonderful folks at EA are getting a great start with our EACares projects for 2007. The circle squares project that we are working on will become two blankets for a set a preemie twin girls. These tiny little ones were born very early and are putting up a heck of a fight to grow big and strong.

We'll be sending them each blankets, hats and some additional goodies.

The group is also starting to think about future projects that we can work on together.

Deb has already made several beautiful baby caps (photo above).

It's really wonderful when we can all work together to make something and send a smile to someone else!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Squares for the Baby Afghan

Here is an example of the square for the baby afghan.

We should all use white backgrounds and any color we like for the circles (Baby Soft or Softee Baby Yarns). Then, when it's joined it will be a white blanket with different color circles. I think it will be very cheery.

Friday, December 22, 2006

The Marine Afghan Project

With much thanks to my dear friend Deb we now have a beautiful remembrance book to ship out with the afghan. I hope everyone who was involved with this project feels as touched by this family and their story as I. Thanks to Cindy and the Horsemen for bringing this family and their story to our attention.

The afghan and the book will be in the mail tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Baby Afghan pattern

To everyone who plans to participate in the baby blanket project.....

Here is the pattern that we will be using for this blanket. I don't know Norma, but I have used her pattern before and I just love it! It makes a very pretty square and it will be lovely for a baby blanket!

Remember, this is a copyrighted pattern.

Please be advised that this pattern is copyrighted to
NORMA R WAMPLER and 2006-All Rights Reserved].
You may [PRINT OUT A COPY] for personal and charitable
use only.

We can use the pattern for this and other charity projects and you can use it for yourself and for gifts but we are not allowed to sell the pattern or anything that we make from the pattern.

You can print out the pattern to use it, but we can not post the pattern here or elsewhere - we can just share the link.

For this project we will use only 2 colors for each square. We will use Lion Baby Soft and/or Bernat Softee Baby Yarn. These two yarns are basically the same weight and will work well together. Use any color that you like for the circles in the center of the square and use white for the background. So - use whatever color you like for rounds 1-4 (the circle). Then finish off that color and switch to white. Use white for the rest of the pattern (do not switch back to the center color).

I think that it would be best if we all use a size "H" hook. That way the blanket will be not too heavy and not too loose. The squares should be about 8" square. If you crochet very tightly it might be smaller - if necessary - do one extra row around the edge to be as close to 8" as possible.

When you end off the white yarn, please leave a long tail attached to the square - about 40" long. I will use this "tail" to join the squares together. By leaving the tails the blanket will have less loose edges (and you won't have so much to weave in!)

To make these squares you will need to know how to make a basic chain, double crochet, half-double crochet and triple crochet stitches. If you need help with any of these stitches - let me know - I promise I can get you simple help and you'll see how quickly you feel like a pro.

Any questions - ask The Worm!
Remember - this isn't about perfection. Everyone has to start sometime - if this is your first time crocheting, and your work isn't perfect - don't worry - the effort is perfect! :)

Anyone who doesn't craft and who wants to participate is welcome to do so. Lots of ways to help! :)

Group Effort #2!

The folks at EA are gearing up for our second group project! This time we'll be putting together a care package for a baby. It might go to a hospital NICU or to a specific family in need. We'll be making a baby afghan to send and then some items to go with it. Maybe a hat, booties, a bib, a stuffed toy or comfort item for baby or for baby's family.

All EA members are welcomed to participate in this and any other EA Cares Project. Whether you crochet, knit, sew, do some other craft or just want to include a small note or small gift. It's all about the giving!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

remember others during the holidays

Like everyone else, I find myself very busy this time of year - work, life, crocheting gifts for the holidays. My crafting for charity hasn't been as fruitful as during other times of the year. I deal with this by doing a bit of extra shopping. I ordered some small toys to send to the Cancer Institute for the kids who can't be home for the holidays. Nothing religious - good for all the kids, but a little something for them to have when they know other kids are home with their families.

If you are able to donate a gift to a toy drive or local organization, it's a nice thing to do. If you can't, perhaps there is a way that you can volunteer and hour to visit with sick kids or with folks in a nursing home. It's so easy to help make someones holidays brighter. :)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Other Efforts

Now that the EACares Afghan is done, I'm thinking about more projects. I have my charity of choice, and I send chemo caps there as often as possible. I'm sure that as a group we'll do more projects in the future, but right now with holidays looming many people can't make the time commitment, and that's fine.

One thing that I would ask people to think about is to remember someone during the holiday season, and do a random act of kindness. Whether its sending a card or a care package to one of our service men/women overseas, donating a few hours at a local soup kitchen or shelter, sending a personal card or note to someone in the hospital or in a group home. It doesn't take a lot of time or money to show someone that you care.

During the holiday season, as we share good times and gifts with the ones that we love, lets try to send a little bit of love to a stranger in need. It goes a long way.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

It's done!

The afghan is finally done! I think it turned out well, and that everyone involved in every aspect of this project should be proud!!!

Special thanks to Cindy for bringing this strong family into our awareness, and to Deb for helping us make this project a reality and for putting together our message book for the family.

Everyone at EA is invited to send a message to the family. If you would like to be included, please send a message to Deb - her e-mail account is in her profile.

It was difficult to take photos of this afghan because it's so big, but I think these give an idea of how it looks.